Our gliders

We provide all services for all our parachutes,
including technical inspections and repairs.


Universal is the first free flying (EN B) paraglider ever which can be
converted by its user into a full-blood paramotor canopy (conforming to
the DGAC standard).
Universal is a great free-flying recreational paraglider, including cross-country flights. Beginning XC pilots will surely appreciate exceptional comfort in uneasy thermals, resulting from considerable amount of reflex traits present in the design.
On activating the trimmers and setting up the ALC+ steering, Universal
becomes a full reflex paramotor wing, good for both leisure and cruise
flying, thermalling, last but not least for initial paramotor training.

Hadron 3

This wing is dedicated for the active and much flying pilots, who know the character of reflex paragliders and can manage them well.

Hadron 3 has been designed as a solid vehicle for fast covering the ground. It features wide speed range, precise steering and great performance. It launches flawlessly and easy, smoothly rising up. Does not stay behind, even with trimmers set at slow and nil wind.

Reflex airfoil of Hadron 3 stays almost constant, and the speed system can be safely used at all trimmer settings. When cutting through lift or turbulence the canopy stays over your head with only slight nicking, so it doesn’t require your constant attention.

Snake 3

We are proud to present the very best of slalom canopies: Snake XX.
It is a reflex sport paraglider for very experienced pilots, who are
familiar with small, fast and very agile canopies with short brakes
This is a demanding wing for demanding pilots. Highest performance available for fast slalom courses, with possibly best agility. It’s truly a champion’s wing.
Despite highest aspirations we did our best to preserve legendary stability, known from our other reflex paragliders.


Solo is a pleasant and easy-to-use reflex paraglider for solo fun/XC flying with a paramotor or a light trike.

It’s design allows for safe gathering experience at thermalling. It is robust, stable and offers good lift.

All parameters have been selected to maintain the right proportions of passive safety, performance, and ease & precision of steering. It will meet the expectations of both recreational and XC pilots.


Agility, speed or economy – interrelations of these parameters are not only a challenge for the constructor, but also the criteria that guide experienced pilots in choosing the perfect sports wing.

WARP is an attempt to balance them so that the economy does not suffer from speed, speed from maneuverability, and agility from the economy …


DriftAir is a safe paraglider for well-qualified pilots, aiming at active recreation or moderate level of competing.

Most of all, the DriftAir is ideally suited for multi-canopies formation flying, requiring dynamic manoeuvering and spectacular acceleration. It is a solid vehicle for covering the ground, too.

Orca 5

The paraglider is dedicated both for free-flying with passenger and for light paramotor trikes.

Four-row canopy with rigid cores (Dudek FlexiEdge technology) blends recent experiences of testing other prototypes featuring this technology with long-standing info received over years from happy users of the original Orca.

The aspect ratio and other factors were carefully calculated in order to make full advantage of new technologies, while retaining optimal mix of passive safety, performance and steering for this class.