Established in 1999, Nirvana Systems is paramotor brand second to none. With focused Research and Development the company offers machines that are unique and completely distinguishable from other brands. Here’s how:

Moulded chassis: For comfort and for economy, Nirvana has always made use of chassis developed to improve airflow and fit the human body. As one of the only brands in the world that make use of this expensive production concept, Nirvana is uniquely positioned to reduce weight while not sacrificing capability. The chassis do not have metal superstructures that can increase weight but rather incorporate reinforcement design on high-stress points.

Molded Intelligent Throttle: The throttle is molded to fit inside the pilot’s hand. With a single button the pilot can activate electric start or terminate ignition. The computer software will ensure the electronic starter protection.

Modern Computer Controlled Engines: Spark to the engine is supplied by the lightweight battery and computer, not by the engine. This unique design allows Nirvana to reduce weight, ensure smooth power distribution during the linear increase in rpm. The single ignition/stop capability improves safety as the pilot can switch off the engine for landing but retain the ability to restart WITHOUT removing hands from the steering toggless. This ability has become an essential feature for pilots operating in and out of unknown landing fields during XC flights. By using computer management, Nirvana can reduce fuel consumption even at high output levels.

Sport Pilot or XC professional: With a focused design, Nirvana has created the F-light 160/200 for professional pilots that require the best possible results when flying cross country. The F-light offers mobility for transport. Low hangpoints for pilots eager to have weight shift ability and Hi-hangpoints for pilots that need the most comfortable flight experience during long duration XC flights. Any F-light is convertible from Low to Hi-hangpoints making it very unique. The Rodeo Blueline utilizes the same 160/200 engine but combines a lightweight sport pilot package designed for pilots that don’t require more than 3 hours flight duration, its sporty and easy to use and offers a detachable harness. The Rodeo is the new popular kid on the block.

Unique Centre Bolt Propeller – 2 or 3 blade capable: With only one bolt to secure a propeller set, the system is fast to use and offers additional capabilities. In Sport mode, the pilot can remove one propeller blade giving a high output 2 blade configuration. The Sport Mode is most ideal for acrobatic pilots or those that want maximum climb rate. With a simple adding of a third blade, the same machine can be put into an Economy Mode with focus placed on maximum range and reduced rpm. The computer will automatically adapt to selected modes and will not give a different power distribution.

Design Result: Due to the combination of design features, Nirvana can deliver the same fuel economy numbers even for pilots on the heavier side. Example: 4 liter per hour consumption at 65 km per hour speed setting. Same duplicated result for Pilot at 100kg and 80kg. Test conducted on Dudek Warp PPG glider with glider size adapted to give same wing loading to individual pilots.